About us


RCANO, a Hong Kong-based fashion brand, was founded in 2014 by Mexican siblings Rafael and Tamara Raya Cano.

They sought to bring authenticity and uniqueness to menswear – while paying the utmost attention to refinement and high quality – creating a distinctive brand with its own character.

RCANO designs set the brand apart by giving classic menswear a twist, adding a vibrant, colorful Mexican flair – and an Asian touch.

Our clothing gives the answer to fashionable members of modern society who appreciate clothing that is unique, sophisticated and practical.  Each piece is created with a twist of classic yet hip and cool style.  All RCANO designs are limited edition.

RCANO specializes in combining different prints, colors and types of fabrics In order to achieve garments that are elegant and unique in their appearance, fit and comfortable, making the wearer be prominent as stylish and smart. 

Rafael is RCANO's head designer and Tamara handles the business' operations and marketing. 

RCANO has been featured in several magazines, websites and blogs around the world.

RCANO belongs to Cano Creations Limited. 


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